Welcome to The Sanctuary!



"The Sanctuary"
10150 I-10 Service Rd. South
New Orleans, LA 70127


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The following hotel is right next door to The Sanctuary:

1) Best Western
10100 I-10 Service Rd
New Orleans, LA 70127
Rates: $59.95 + tax per night (mention World For Jesus for the rate)

2) LaQuinta Inn & Suites
12340 I-10 Service Rd
New Orleans, LA 70128
Rates: $59.99 (no taxes will be charged if you mention World for Jesus Ministries)

3) Studio 6 - Suites
12330 I-10 Service Rd
New Orleans, LA 70128
Rates: $61+tax per night
Fully equipped kitchens

4) Holiday Inn Express
7049 Bullard Ave
New Orleans, LA 70128
Cost: $89.00 per night +tax*
Free Breakfast

5) Motel 6
12330 I-10 Service Rd.
New Orleans, LA 70128
Cost: $64.29 + tax per night
(standard rates)

You can also check out www.expedia.com

No registration required, however, we recommend you contact the office for updated schedules prior to booking your trip. If you have any questions, please contact Karen 559-435-2423 or email WorldforJesus@sbcglobal.net

If you are interested in serving during the revival through your gifts and talents, please contact Ricci or Karen at the office 559-435-2423

Examples of service include:

Worship team (let us know in advance)
Set-up Crew
Clean-up Crew
Parking-lot Patrol


Miracles Occur When the Eagles Come Together In His Name

World for Jesus Ministries has been commissioned to bring you:
The Gathering of the Eagles!

Healing to the Nation Through Prayer!
Leaders and Intercessors join together for days of worship and
seeking God to restore His glory to America!
It is a time to hear the voice of God and do His will
to prepare the Nation and the Church for revival.
Join us and experience the partnership and the joy of Messiah and
His Church working as one toward National REVIVAL!
Know the excitement of seeing the marvelous works of God made manifest.



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